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Dimro allows you to read your digital documents, reconcile them easily thanks to its simple account code assignment structure and automatically transfer your receipts to your ERP systems.


Empro helps companies deal with the technical operations that arise when applying Inflationary Accounting, in accordance with the applicable legal regulations and International Financial Reporting Standards. Empro is an essential aid to helping you use your time more efficiently by calculating in an accurate and reliable manner.


Premiering for the first time in Turkey, our Digitally Signed Reconciliation Robot Mutro enables you to automate emails to your current accounts with pre-defined parameters including the content of the mail, its language and frequency. You can also allow past access by archiving your reconciliation work.


This Digital Audit bot enables cross-checking capabilities for your assistants by reading your VAT 1, VAT 2, Withholding Tax, Stamp Duty, Social Security, and related digital documents. In addition, you can create a balance sheet, depreciation and execute interest number calculations.

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