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KiHero KIP Platform

With KiHero KIP, all your reviews are consolidated under a single file for easy access and backup. The system is designed for ease of use, requiring minimal effort to operate.

Our technical team is available to cater to your unique needs, and we offer live demos to demonstrate its features and ease of use.

what are we doıng?

KIP Platform

Calculation Technique

The software calculates annual and monthly cumulative VAT refund amounts, adhering to ⅓ (50%) and (80%) criteria.

RA Compliance

The system detects and corrects errors in RA format lists for both downloading and uploading. Excel lists can be uploaded to the RA without issue.

Compatible with All Programs

KiHero integrates seamlessly with all accounting programs, without any restrictions.

Full Compliance with Communiqué

The software operates in strict adherence to the Value Added Tax General Application Communiqué, mitigating human errors and violations.

Platform System

The system automatically inputs data from the VAT and Withholding Tax Declarations and book certificates into the minutes, reducing time loss.

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