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Automatic VAT Refund: Up to 10% of Export Value

In an update to the VAT General Implementation Communiqué, a new section titled “Returns According to the Export Price in the Export of Goods Made by Manufacturers” has been introduced. This new rule allows manufacturers, across all sectors, to seek a refund on their directly exported goods. Specifically, they can request a refund up to 10% of the export value, based on their carried-forward VAT amount. This is irrespective of any previously incurred VAT charges related to those exports.

We make the following return request transactions automatic for you:

  • Standard Return Request Petition
  • VAT Calculation Tables for Returns Requested 
  • VAT Deduction Lists for Past 24 Periods 
  • Sales Invoices Lists 
  • Customs Declaration or in List form 
  • VAT Deduction Lists for Current Export Period 

What are we doıng?

Priority Services

Contract List

The Contract List is automatically compiled, providing you with real-time, accurate information.

VAT List to be Deducted

Utilizing deep learning technology, the system matches the VAT List to be deducted with the types of undertakings, either from examiner records or the E-ledger.

Sales Invoices List

The Sales Invoices List is generated by establishing a seamless connection with data integrated into your accounting programs.

Customs Exit Declaration List (GÇB)

Leveraging Optical Reading Technology, the Customs Declaration List completes all required data from the customs declaration, negating any need for manual input.

Inventory Management

Inventory management functionalities such as Capacity Report Compliance, DİİB Raw Material Tracking, Waste Calculations, and Equivalent Product Usage are executed with a single click.


ATIK stock and associated VATs are recorded separately in the database and transferred to the contractor as the maximum refundable amount.

Past Return Lists

The validity of new lists is confirmed by cross-referencing the VAT and Contract Lists to be deducted with those uploaded in the previous period to the RA.

Supervisor / E-Ledger

Deep learning technology cross-references the VAT List to be deducted with types of undertakings, drawing from either sub-ledger records or the E-ledger.

Customs Declaration

Optical Reading Technology reads the data in the customs declaration, and it compares the closing date and TL amounts, adjusted according to the Central Bank of Türkiye (CBT) exchange rate, with the data in the accounting program.

VAT Declaration

Optical Reading Technology autonomously reads the data in the VAT declaration and calculates the overhead rate.


Optical Reading Technology verifies the data in the E-invoice portal against the data in the accounting program.

Customs and Trade Ministry (GTB) Export Invoice

The system verifies invoices in the Ministry of Customs and Trade system, the E-invoice portal, and the accounting program, ensuring data consistency.

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