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Do You Know What You Can Do With Demo Account?

By verifying the data, you can check the VAT List to be Downloaded with the VAT Declaration.

You can assign an automatic charge type to your VAT Download List by using Assistant or E-Ledger.

You can get preliminary information, underwriting results and underwriting detail report in the reports menu.

You can calculate how much VAT refund you will receive by uploading the following information to our system.

  • VAT Declaration
  • Product Tree (Recipe)
  • Raw Material Stock List
  • Raw Material Purchase List
  • KDV Beyannamesi
  • Ürün Ağacı (Reçete)
  • Hammadde Stok Listesi
  • Hammadde Alış Listesi
  • Mamul Satış Listesi
  • İndirilecek KDV Listesi
  • Muavin veya E-Defter
  • E-Fatura
  • Product Sales List
  • VAT List to Download
  • Assistant or E-Ledger
  • E-Invoice