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VAT Return Calculation Robot

KiHero manages the VAT refund process for companies independently of accounting programs, quickly submitting the maximum refund amount to the Revenue Administration, and providing businesses with optimal efficiency.

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Advantages of Choosing KiHero

More Accurate, Faster Calculations

With the use of KiHero, businesses can quickly complete the document and data collection processes involved in VAT refunds, saving time and making their workflows more efficient.

Boost Efficiency to the Max

Say goodbye to hours of inefficient manual work. KiHero ensures 24/7 operational capabilities in the VAT return process, all with flawless accuracy.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Free your team from the intense workload of VAT calculations, allowing them to concentrate on tasks that bring value to your organization.

Our Unmatched Solutions

Empowering you with the gift of time!

KiHero simulates human behaviour to execute tasks via user interfaces in your existing applications. It handles repetitive, rule-based processes in VAT returns through:

  • Big Data Analysis
  • Cognitive Automation 
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Document Data Validation
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 

Simplifying VAT Returns Has Never Been Easier

Specialized Services Tailored for Your Needs

With KiHero’s RPA technology, we reduce your operational burdens, empowering you to focus on market opportunities.

KiHero offers:

Calculation of Contract and Deductible VAT Lists

Sales Invoice and Customs Exit Declaration (GÇB) List Preparation

Comprehensive Inventory Management and Tracking

ATİK Management and Real-time Monitoring

Historical VAT Return List Checks

E-Ledger Contract Type Calculations

Customs and VAT Declaration Verifications

E-Invoice Information Verification

Yüklenim ve İndirilecek KDV Listeleri Hesaplama

Satış Fatura ve GÇB Listesi Hazırlama

Daha Fazla

Stok Yönetimi ve Takibi

Daha Fazla

ATİK Yönetimi ve Takibi

Daha Fazla

Geçmiş İade Listeleri Kontrolü

E-Defter Üzerinden Yüklenim Türü Hesaplama

Daha Fazla

Gümrük ve KDV Beyannamelerindeki Bilgileri Doğrulama

Daha Fazla

Tüm E-Faturalardaki Bilgileri Doğrulama

Daha Fazla

our references

Times Faster
0 /24
Day / Hour

Our Proven Working Methodology

Unbeatable Efficiency and Reliability

Thanks to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the VAT return process, KiHero lets you:

Veri Otomasyonu

Çalışan Verimliliği

İş Sürekliliği

Nakit Yönetimi

Automate Data Handling

Enhance Employee Productivity

Ensure Business Continuity

Optimize Cash Management


I started to believe that these things always come from behind in the country. I appreciate your effort to fulfill our requests with professionalism and sympathy!

Bart Van Der Lee Burgaflex - General Manager

We can say that KiHero is perfect for you to respond to our taxpayers' VAT refund processes in the fastest and most accurate way. In this way, KiHero gives us time, and we give time to our taxpayers.

Gökhan Dalaklı Mazars - Manager CPA

Our company, which exports food products with a history of 22 years, was very tiring for us. We would like to thank you and your team for the accelerated VAT refund processes with KiHero and for your work that always gives us good results.

Gökhan Yurduseven Besan - Production Manager

With KiHero, we have concluded our VAT refund process, which has been pending for 3 years, in a short time like 1 month. Thanks to its special algorithms, it is a program that does not accept errors and easily performs a series of meticulous operations. We were delighted to be a part of such a unique initiative.

Şebnem Öner Andros - CEO

First of all, I would like to point out that we have been working with KiHero for 2 years. In the country's legislation system, we continue our deduction works on a regular basis every month without putting us to the test in complex VAT refund processes. Thanks to KiHero, we no longer worry about the taxes to be paid at the end of the month...

Jean Paul Fourdan Tecnofirm - General Manager


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